a pythonic query language
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S(1@1) R(P@1)
5691.0 Race Unspecified
2600.0 African-American/Black
3653.0 European-American/White
1861.0 Hispanic/Latino
34.0 Pacific Islander
132.0 Native American/Alaskan
190.0 Asian
2.0 European-American/Black
27.0 Middle Eastern
7.0 None
1.0 Pakistani American
1.0 Asian/Pacific Islander
1.0 Unknown Race

Address, Age, CauseOfDeath, City, County, Date, DayOfMillenium, DayOfWeek, Description, ImageURL, LawEnforcementAgency, Month, Name, NewsURL, OfficialDisposition, Prace, Sex, State, SymptomsOfMentalIllness, Year, Zip

The PyQL query format is: fields @ conditions.
  fields is a field or a comma delimited list of fields.
 conditions is a condition or an and delimited list of conditions.

Both fields and conditions are made up of terms.
A term is a valid Python expression in a name space made up of: database parameters; any imported python modules; PyQL Aggregators such as Average (A), Sum (S), and Replace (R); and other domain specific terms.