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Co = 'Multnomah'
Date Name COD OD Prace
20000512 James Lamberson Gunshot Justified Race Unspecified
20000823 George Waldum Gunshot Justified Race Unspecified
20001002 Justin Gallegos Gunshot Justified Race Unspecified
20001010 Ollie B. Russell Asphyxiated/Restrained Unreported Race Unspecified
20001218 Michael Ray Jaquith Gunshot Justified European-American/White
20010401 Jos? Santos Victor Mej?a Poot Gunshot Justified Hispanic/Latino
20010624 Julie Michelle McLean Vehicle Criminal Race Unspecified
20010709 Raymond Leonard Youngberg Jr. Gunshot Justified European-American/White
20011209 Daniel Cromb Gunshot Justified European-American/White
20020222 Byron Hammick Gunshot Justified African-American/Black
20020421 Anthony Utah-Zona Beck Gunshot Justified Race Unspecified
20030505 Kendra James Gunshot Justified African-American/Black
20031021 Eddie Homsombath Gunshot Justified Asian
20031224 Shane Eric Clements Gunshot Justified Race Unspecified
20040103 Jose Angel Padilla Gunshot Justified Race Unspecified
20040117 Chinh Duc Nguyen Vehicle Unreported Asian
20040328 James Jahar Perez Gunshot Justified African-American/Black
20041122 Bruce Perison Clark Gunshot Justified European-American/White
20041202 Willie Thomas Grigsby Gunshot Justified African-American/Black
20050320 Ronald Richard Riebling Jr. Gunshot Justified European-American/White
20050519 Vernon Allen Gunshot Justified African-American/Black
20051104 Raymond Dwayne Gwerder Gunshot The city of Portland has agreed to pay a $500,000 settlement, but the grand jury said the killing was Justified. European-American/White
20060104 Dennis Lamar Young Gunshot Justified European-American/White
20060320 Timothy Grant Tasered Justified European-American/White
20060701 Marino Sanchez-Sanchez Vehicle Excusable Hispanic/Latino
20060719 Jerry Goins Gunshot Suicide European-American/White
20060917 James Philip Chasse Jr. Beaten/Bludgeoned with instrument The city of Portland and the family of James P. Chasse Jr. have reached a $1.6 million settlement in the familys federal wrongful death lawsuit. Grand jury found the homicide Justified. European-American/White
20061112 David Earl Hughes Gunshot Unknown European-American/White
20061112 Christopher Grassl Vehicle Unreported Race Unspecified
20070522 Steven Richard Bolen Gunshot Justified European-American/White
20080513 Jason Spoor Gunshot Justified European-American/White
20080515 Derek J. Coady Gunshot suicide Race Unspecified
20100129 Aaron Marcell Campbell Gunshot Justified African-American/Black
20100212 Victoria Schulmerich Gunshot Criminal European-American/White
20100212 Kathleen Hoffmeister Gunshot Criminal European-American/White
20100212 Charlotte Grahn Gunshot Criminal European-American/White
20100322 Jack Dale Collins Gunshot Justified European-American/White
20100512 Keaton Dupree Otis Gunshot Justified African-American/Black
20101123 Craig Boehler Asphyxiated/Restrained Justified European-American/White
20101217 Darryel Dwayne Ferguson Gunshot Justified European-American/White
20110102 Thomas Higginbotham Gunshot Justified European-American/White
20110131 Anthony McDowell Gunshot Justified Race Unspecified
20110709 Darris Eugene Johnson Medical emergency Justified African-American/Black
20120125 Bradley Lee Morgan Gunshot Justified European-American/White
20120127 Larry McKinney Gunshot Unreported Race Unspecified
20120416 Ervin Jeff Dirnbaugh Gunshot suicide Race Unspecified
20120425 Christopher Karl Bullert Gunshot suicide Race Unspecified
20120429 John Wimberly Smith Gunshot suicide Race Unspecified
20120728 Billy Wayne Simms Gunshot Justified European-American/White
20130217 Merle Mikal Hatch Gunshot Justified European-American/White
20130304 Santiago A. Cisneros III Gunshot Justified Hispanic/Latino
20140312 Kelly Vern Mark Swoboda Gunshot Justified European-American/White
20140612 Nicholas Glendon Davis Gunshot Justified European-American/White
20150322 Christopher R. Healy Gunshot Pending investigation European-American/White
20150628 Alan Lee Bellew Gunshot Pending investigation European-American/White
20151106 Michael Johnson Gunshot Pending Investigation European-American/White
20160524 Bodhi Wilson Dean Phelps Gunshot Pending investigation European-American/White

Address, Age, CauseOfDeath, City, County, Date, DayOfMillenium, DayOfWeek, Description, ImageURL, LawEnforcementAgency, Month, Name, NewsURL, OfficialDisposition, Prace, Sex, State, SymptomsOfMentalIllness, Year, Zip

The PyQL query format is: fields @ conditions.
  fields is a field or a comma delimited list of fields.
 conditions is a condition or an and delimited list of conditions.

Both fields and conditions are made up of terms.
A term is a valid Python expression in a name space made up of: database parameters; any imported python modules; PyQL Aggregators such as Average (A), Sum (S), and Replace (R); and other domain specific terms.